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12-17-16, 11:23 pm
Hello everyone. As you may know, I recently lost my beloved Guinness. He was 4 years old and I have no idea what happened. Vet said a stroke. However, his cage mate, Keko, seems a little bad. Bad news is I'm going to college in August. All the way in Chicago, about 4 hours from home. As a student with anxiety and separation anxiety, I am thinking about getting a doctor's permission for an ESA (emotion support animal) so I can take my pigs to college with me and they can live with me. I would have plenty of room for a 2x5 c&c cage in my dorm (they're actually apartment style and I have my own bedroom to myself.) Do you all think it would be a good idea to get Keko a new friend and take them to school with me? They will get plenty of interaction time and have a 2x5 cage.

Here's my other question: Keko is a very submissive pig. He's about 4 years old so I plan on pairing him with a baby male.. (or 2) DO you think with his age and all considered, a trio of males would be fine? I would be prepared to separate and add more pigs as I will have room, but would a 2x5 be adequate enough for 3 males? I wasn't thinking so but just wanted a second opinion.

Thank you!

12-18-16, 12:31 am
Trios of boars very rarely work out, 2 is much more likely to be successful, and a 2x5 wouldn't be big enough for three boars. I would just get the one cagemate. Good luck getting permission to bring them with you. (Do make sure you'll be able to afford their care before bringing them, though, I know a lot of "broke college student" stereotypes are more true than anyone would like.)

12-18-16, 03:05 pm
I already have a 4 years of experience. I have all the supplies for the 2x5 ready to go. I will for sure be able to afford it. Thanks for the luck but I already actually got permission :)

12-21-16, 10:17 pm
I decided to just stick with two boars. I should be picking up my new baby soon! I am adopting him from someone rehoming him <33

12-22-16, 10:59 am
Congrats! Hope everything goes well. (Also, make sure to double-check the sex before you put them together!)

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