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12-17-16, 05:55 pm
I wasn't sure to put as the prefix, but a post on a pet FB group got me thinking. In the post, someones guinea pig was hurt, but due to a blizzard they were unable to get to an emergency vet. I want to make a first aid kit for my pets, just so that in the event it is not possible for me to get to the vet (we have no round the clock, er vets here and this is definitely blizzard country) I am able to offer some care until I can get help.
I've got gauze, cling wrap, and things like ivermectin are easy enough to find at the tractor supply store. Using this as a guide combined with common health problems I know the pigs are prone to.
But I was wondering about eye care, since I know hay poke happens very easily to guinea pigs. And as I said, if it happens at night, on a sunday, or when weather makes travel impossible there really isn't any way I can get my pet to the vet.

Would a normal sterile saline solution be fine? Or should I order something like

12-18-16, 02:28 pm