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12-17-16, 04:03 pm
I will be adopting my guinea pigs on Monday and don't know how to travel with all of them. I am definitely getting two pigs but might get four. The shelter has four pigs total (they would be introduced into two pairs but are currently kept alone). I need to find a way to travel with four guinea pigs who are currently living alone so each one needs its own travel cage. Are they any safe DIY travel cages?

Currently I have one cat/dog carrier and one pet store cage. That should work as a travel cage for one pig each. I want to bring travel cages for four though. Is there any way to make a c and c travel cage? I have 23 grids including the ones to make the cage but I can put the cage back together just fine. What I was thinking is if I make a c and c travel cage it could be a 2 by 2 with grids on top that I would secure in the back of the car on towels/fleece. I guess have a bunch of different sizes of cardboard boxes from when we moved. I don't want them to be in a box though.

Also they will be in the car for around 3 to 4 hours. I will make sure each of them always has water, hay, and food throughout the entire trip.

Thanks all

12-17-16, 05:26 pm
Why make extra work for yourself? If this is a one-time trip, do it the easy way and put each of them in a laundry basket. Put litter or shavings on the bottom, pile some hay in a corner, and give them a small hidey of some sort. They will likely neither eat nor drink on the trip and water bottles make a mess. You may want to pack some moist greens to offer at an enroute stop.

Why not use a cardboard box? Very cost efficient and you can simply toss them after the trip. I frequently use a plastic bin of some sort for the car, especially in cooler weather. The laundry basket is ideal for summer, but they will stay draft-free in a box/bin. They will likely hide throughout the trip, especially if each is traveling alone. You might actually transport them in pairs because they will probably be a bit frightened and will huddle together for comfort. Might be a way to get a jump-start on the bonding process. Just so long as you can house them separately if you need to do so.

Be sure to secure them in the car with a bungee or with a seatbelt. One of the advantages of a laundry basket is that you can thread the seatbelt through the handles.

12-17-16, 09:44 pm
If it's a 3-4 hour drive, I would definitely bring some wet greens and put a little pellet food in with them. Even if they're frightened and might not eat much, that's a long time to go without food and water for animals with such fast metabolisms.

It's probably unlikely, but if the shelter allows you to do introductions there, then I'd consider transporting them in pairs after a promising introduction, and then continuing the intro at home. Putting them together for the first time in a tiny travel cage seems like it could go wrong quickly, though, and you might not be able to pull over if there's suddenly a fight.

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12-17-16, 10:36 pm
Folks, I wouldn't put pigs that have just met in a small travel cage even if they are going in a car. I'd much rather transport them separately and then do full introductions when they get home.

12-18-16, 12:35 am
bpatters Oh, I agree. I think I wasn't clear enough. There are shelters that will let you lengthy introductions there, the one I volunteer at being one of them, but I'd still only consider putting them together, and definitely not for a 3-4 hour drive.

12-18-16, 08:55 am
I think that I can separate part of the cage and fit it in the back of the car. Is that safe if I have an open topped C and C cage (with four separate areas) that I strap into the car? I can ride in the back of the car as well to watch them the whole time. I will not be introducing them until we are home. I wish I had enough time to at the shelter but I don't want to risk a fight in the car.

12-18-16, 10:49 am
I'd still only consider putting them together, and definitely not for a 3-4 hour drive.

That was what I was inferring, although I wasn't very clear. :rolleyes: I should have mentioned that I'm only going on my personal experience and that this is not the recommended method. I don't know how you will fit a C&C cage into a sedan-type car? I still think that four laundry baskets, boxes, or bins will be the easiest way to transport them. I generally strap one in the front passenger seat and put the other(s) in the back seat, strapped in as well.

Any time my cavies need to go for a car ride, they are in a carrier and strapped in the front passenger seat so that I can reach in occasionally for a reassuring pat. If it is a 3-4 hr. ride, I stop enroute to offer water and veggies but they rarely seem to want anything.