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12-08-16, 03:46 am
Omg omg omg. So I am *super freaking happy* because my one baby guinea pig named Brownie Bite has been coming around for a few days now after a month of having her and her cagemate. They're only about two months old and have been very skittish. For the past few days Brownie has been unusually..... Bold? She's always brave but she no longer runs from me at all. She does not like to be picked up so I have been herding her into the Timothy hay tube I gave them. She went in without a fight tonight, and SHE WAS SOOOOO CUDDLY.She kept "cooing" to herself and flopping around on me like my cat does when he wants cuddles. I kept petting her and kissing her and talking to her..... I feel so bonded to her! I can't believe the interaction I just had for a solid thirty minutes of her actively snuggling and cuddling me!!! Yayyy!!!!

12-08-16, 06:47 am
That's awesome! It is so nice when there's that breakthrough moment and you realize you can form a really great bond with them :)

12-08-16, 12:36 pm

12-11-16, 01:28 pm
Congrats!! It may take time and patience in the beginning, bit it's so worth it when they pancake on your lap, happy and content to just be hanging out with you. :love: The first time one of my guys fell asleep on my lap with his eyes closed tight I was blubbering at how much trust I had gained. :)

Guinea Pig Papa
12-11-16, 02:38 pm
Yeah. Those are the moments that make it all worthwhile. My little baby Punkin was out for laptime yesterday and he's about two months old. Got a couple of really good pictures of him kissing my bottom lip lol!