View Full Version : Hello GP world! My guinea grandsons need help

12-07-16, 07:38 pm

I'm not a new piggy grandma but I'm trying to be the best one. A year ago my son purchased Charlie, a handsome tan male, not fixed. We built him a nice big house and I am not able to add another guinea pig so we purchased a younger one, upon internet recommendation, Pumpkin Spice. We did a brief introduction and it almost appears that Charlie is clueless about how to be a guinea pig and just sat still. Pumpkin was very active and curious and seemed to want to engage Charlie. I'm wondering if going a year without socializing with other pigs has "damaged" Charlie. Is there hope for him with time? I feel horrible for not having bought him as a pair initially and am hoping to rectify that. Currently, they have their own respective cages but it's apparent Pumpkin wants the company.

Thank you all!

12-07-16, 09:09 pm
Don't do brief introductions. With pigs, it's once and done. They're wired to establish dominance every time they meet a new pig, and repeated introduction and separation just stresses them out.

Assuming your cage is large enough (boars need more space than sows), I'd try again. But read this before you do, and do the introduction at a time when you've got hours to devote to it: http://guinea-pigs.livejournal.com/3002707.html.