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12-07-16, 12:13 pm
Hey everyone,
Just wondering if you guys could give me any ideas on how to keep my guinea pigs warm for the coming winter. I need to put them in the basement because some of my family members seem to be allergic to the hay.Would some kind of insulation cover work? I do use fleece which is sort of warm. :) Thanks! ~Margey

12-07-16, 12:22 pm
Making fleece snuggles is always a nice idea, but personally I'd recommend getting a space heater if they're going to be there for an extended period of time. My bedroom doesn't get much heat from the rest of the house and both me and my pigs would freeze to death without my space heater.

12-07-16, 12:33 pm
I'd switch hays first and see if that helped. If you put them in the basement, they're not going to get nearly as much attention.

12-07-16, 12:40 pm
bpatters True! I didn't read the original post as thoroughly as I should've and missed the reason they were going in the basement in the first place. Definitely try orchard grass, Small Pet Select has good stuff I hear.

12-07-16, 01:11 pm
Oh so try a different hay? My guineas are 1 1/2 years old so they are adults. So Orchard grass, ok. I would think that any hay sort of thing would cause allergies but l think l'll try. Thanks!

12-07-16, 01:34 pm
Timothy is by far the worst hay as far as allergy offenders go. Blue grass, orchard grass, and meadow grass are much less likely to cause allergies.

12-07-16, 02:37 pm
I am glad to hear that! I have gone about to order a 12 oz bag to 'try it out' of Small pet select Orchard Grass on Amazon. Thank you!

12-07-16, 02:39 pm
81068Here is a picture of my 2 girls, Holly and Nelly. They are so sweet and have really become part of our family. :o

12-11-16, 01:37 pm
Hello Holly and Nelly, you two are very cute :love:

12-14-16, 08:45 am
I got my hay and it says 'Orchard Hay', from pet select. Is this the right kind? I thought l was supossed to get Orchard grass, are they the same thing?

12-14-16, 08:47 am
Same thing.

12-14-16, 10:02 am
Good! The piggies love it!

12-14-16, 10:42 am
Good! The piggies love it!

01-02-17, 05:40 pm
Unfortunately, it looks like the piggies might have to go to the basement because of hay allergies. :(Any ideas on how to keep them warm durring the winter? Blankets on the cage maybe?

01-02-17, 05:42 pm
No, don't put blankets over the cage. It restricts the air flow, and makes URI's more likely.

How cold does it get in the basement?

01-02-17, 05:59 pm
I'm going to re-recommend a space heater. Mine is Honeywell brand, though I can't find the exact model online, and you can set it to heat for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours, or to maintain a certain temperature. It's been absolutely invaluable to me and my pigs during the New England winters because my bedroom is very cold.

There's also things like this which you can find loads of online, as well as instructions on how to make your own. http://piggybedspreads.com/product/cozy-cocoon/ (http://piggybedspreads.com/product/cozy-cocoon/)
But I'd do that in addition to a space heater, not instead of.

01-02-17, 06:01 pm
Tell those with allergies to take zertec or something. The piggies in the basement is no different then lock a dog up outside all the time. No attention at all. Tell them everything I said, I mean I am sure they are allergic to much outside too.

01-02-17, 06:23 pm
Put them in your room!! Dust off the hay well outside before serving it to them? The hay sometimes gives me allergies but only because I'm the one handling it. It shouldn't affect your household as long as you dust it off outside and then put it in their rack

01-02-17, 07:48 pm
Thank you all for these great ideas. Yes l did consider putting them in my room but my sister sleeping with me in my room doesn't want them there. (l can't explain why right now) Could l put blankets on just the top and back of the cage or so? Yes we have a space heater. I will find out what the temperature is down there tomorrow. I put a Thermometer there and l will know by tomorrow.
I actually do spend a great deal of my time at home so l will just go try to remember to go down there and say hi to my piggies, spot clean the cage and check the temp.
Would putting a towel in the cage for them to burrow in help? Or could l put some kind of 'insulation cover' on the cage? Like a tent maybe.

01-02-17, 08:38 pm
You don't want to put anything over the cage that restricts air flow. Not a tent, not a blanket.

Unless your pigs are skinnies, they'll be fine down to about the mid-60s in temperature. If you put hideys in that are only slightly larger than the pigs, body heat will help keep them warm.

01-03-17, 06:47 am
OK. So would a burrowing towel do any good? My piggies have hair. The cuddly that Jaycriae posted a link to looks great but l am not up for spending that much right now.

01-03-17, 02:06 pm
Ah yes that provably would happen.
My basement gets down to 60 F at night.

01-04-17, 02:00 pm
There are cheaper versions and ways to make your own of what I linked to, I was just using that as an example. If you search for guinea pig cozies on Etsy a lot will show up, in all different price ranges. And your basement sounds similar to my bedroom, (generally in the winter its 59-62) so the space heater should help. Make sure it isn't a fire hazard, though.

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01-05-17, 09:13 am
OK I will look around, thanks!

01-05-17, 10:48 am
Can you buy a few of the Walmart fleece blankets for $2.99 each. I would buy 2-3 per pig so you can put in a clean one while washing another.81228812298123081231

01-05-17, 10:53 am
8123281233812348123581236As you can see one of those blankets can be turned into a cuddle cup or cuddle sack. It does not work so well cutting them in half that is why I said buy 2-3 per pig.

01-05-17, 10:58 am
81237I didn't realize the other photo was cut off at the end.

01-05-17, 02:27 pm
Wow that looks great! I think l'll try it.

01-07-17, 07:45 am
Just wondering, do l have to wash the fleece in hot water to get it to wick before l use it in a cuddle cup?

01-07-17, 02:12 pm
I have a question, if I buy fleece to make cuddle cups with, do I have to wick the fleece with hot water before I make it into a cuddle cup?

Oops I posted the same thing twice! lol

01-07-17, 05:20 pm
Yes, you have to wash it in hot water and strong detergent to strip the coating off so it will wick.

01-09-17, 08:37 am
OK. I just wanted to know because I wouldn't be putting in any kind of absorbent pad in the cuddle cup.
Thank you so much Lunarminx for the great direction on how to make a cuddle cup! I do sew but this will be faster. ;)