View Full Version : Introducing you to my Guinea Pigs!

12-03-16, 10:00 am
The first guinea pig I got is named Egg she's an american breed with tan and white fur. She's super soft and loves running around and exploring.

The second is a Teddy with black fur with auburn tips and random spots of white. Her name is Virsi. Every time you put your hand in the cage she runs over to lick you! She's the sweetest little thing.

The last for a little bit is Theda. Theda is an abyssinian breed with like a hundred colors. Her main colors are white, red, and a dark gray. Her tummy is one of my favorite parts it's an amazing shade of gold. She's a little over three months old and loves finding trouble. But she's sweet. 8103781040

12-03-16, 11:56 am
They are all so cute.welcome to the forum.

12-03-16, 11:58 am
They're lovely! Welcome to the forum!