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11-29-16, 07:23 pm
Wow, I'm such a noob. I had to ask bpatters how to post a thread, although I ended up figuring out myself before they answered or before I saw their answer, I'm not sure which.
Anyways, I've been reading posts on this forum for a while to get information on the care of guinea pigs. I had known everything else except for adoption.
I know how bad petstore buying is after buying my first and as of right now only guinea pig, Donix.
Right now he's in a 7.5 custom cage- the bare minimum. Although the bare minimum is habitable, it's obviously not ideal, nor is living alone. Yet, these where the conditions I bought him in from a chain petstore, and decided to keep it that way for the introduction period until I can get more pigs and a bigger cage.
Soon I plan on getting a large custom cage that will amount to 13.5 square feet and two more pigs. I'm going to sanitize and wipe down his old cage and keep it for sick pigs.
I am lucky to have gotten a healthy, sweet little guinea pig from the petstore. He's an abby, with black and rust fur. The pups in the cage under him were said to be his littermates, although why he was alone I will never be sure.I can also not be sure they were his littermates at all- ten pups in that cage, all white and grey and smooth furred. I think it was because that the pups below him were obviously sick- lethargic and crusty eyed, with plenty of roan babies that wouldn't survive- I forget how they are called, but would not make it with the screeching 6 year old plooping pet pigs into tiny cages without knowing anything about their new pet.
He is easily stressed, so I keep my dogs away from his cage ( but then again, they are as equally terrified of him as he is of them. He was wheeking the other day and one of our dogs turned tail and hid under a bed.)
So, advice for a new piggy owner? I estimate he is around 6-7 months, and has grown quite a bit larger since being put on the proper diet. I never expected to see such fast improvement! He likes to be held and petted, but will run from me and is skittish. I think this is because he doesn't have any cage mates, so no courage. I'm working on getting the two new pigs as fast as possible. (yes, he is actually male- I checked.)

11-29-16, 07:32 pm
Here's some recommended reading for new guinea pig owners:


But the first thing you should know is that we don't recommend trying to house three boars together. Two will usually work, sometimes four or more will work, but it's rare for three to get along. Three sows would be find, but not boars.

Also, more people will read your posts and you'll get better responses if you'll double space between the paragraphs. Otherwise, it's just too big a block of text to get through.

11-29-16, 08:22 pm
Thank you! That's very useful information. I will introduce one more boar, then, and think carefully about introducing another. Although, I'd probably want to upgrade the cage again anyways if I had three- bigger is always better, in my opinion of cages. I'd like them to have plenty of extra space.