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11-11-05, 10:37 pm
My guinea pig Tesi is the biggest greedy guts in the world. Ocasionally i get a celery stick from my garden and put it inbetween the wire of the cage so half is in and half is out. When my dog Taffy is interrested he pulls on the celery from the outside but since Tesi :love: 's her food she pulls as hard as she can so its a tug-of-war against cavy and dog lol !

do any of your piggies do funny things like that:confused:

11-11-05, 11:24 pm
My cavies too all have their own little funny habits!
I would very much advice against letting your dog come near your guinea pig (especially if he is getting that close to the cage).
Are your pigs indoors or outdoors?
Tesi sounds very cute.

11-12-05, 01:10 am
my dog is pretty small and he's a real softie ,the only reason he tries to get the celery is because he is obsessed with food. Apart from that he completely ignores the guinea pigs!

11-12-05, 09:07 am
My piggies always popcorn whenever I put hay in their cage. My boar will run around his cage juming in the air, he looks like a rodeo bull. Even if I just move the hay a little he will popcorn like crazy.

Its like they celebrate their food, Silly piggies.

Pigaroo Mama
11-12-05, 10:01 am
I would very much advice against letting your dog come near your guinea pig.
Why? I have a Shih Tzu & she loves my piggers. She kisses them all up when she gets the chance. Sometimes I think she thinks they are puppies.
She couln't do anything to hurt them & vice versa. I never leave them together unsupervised though.

11-12-05, 01:26 pm
Thats so cute!