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11-23-16, 11:47 pm

I have 2 boars that I got as rescues from the LAGPR early this year.

One is Samwise, who is a Teddy. The other is Frodo, who is an American.

We bought a 2x4g C&C cage, but we're looking into getting a 2x6. They have clear walls to their cage because Sam is a bar-chewer. We got a balcony as well, which is 2x2g. They have fleece, and several hides.

We change their layout a bit--moving the hides, etc. We give them timothy and some 'treat' hay--orchard, meadow. We're testing out which types of hay they prefer. I recently am getting into providing more textures to their enclosure (a small towel, textured fleeces, etc) and to provide scent enrichment. They get red lettuce every day--their favorite--and differing other veggies & fruit throughout the week. They love parsley. I often use veggie time for training. They also get a vitamin C supplement a day. They have several different places to chew on wood.

They also have the ramp and cage door, so that they do not have to suffer the stress of "big scary predator picking them up when its time for run around time" but they currently are still learning to use it. (They very much do not enjoy being picked up, but they love being held and petted.)


The first is the both of them. The second is the bottom part of their cage and the third is the balcony. (There is no hay in the last two photos because we had just changed out the fleece. They got hay after the photos.)

11-24-16, 07:23 am
Very spoiled piggies :)

I got 6 of my girls from LAGPR

11-27-16, 10:21 pm
They are indeed!!!

I quite enjoy the LAGPR! We're thinking once we upgrade to the 2x6, of eventually looking into getting a second pair! (Which would require a second cage, but eh.)

11-28-16, 05:43 pm
Awe so cute! Your cage looks amazing.
I find building and designing C&C cages so addicting! I've tried so many different set ups for my pigs lol

11-28-16, 08:32 pm
I really want to look into building/designing my own cages! Base-wise, we can do 2x6, but no larger! So we'd have to design 'up.' I'm always on the lookout for other things, too--new hides, etc. We want to get a few snuggly/cozy fleece hides, too.

Also, thanks :) We try!!