View Full Version : Mites Mites or Ringworm? (Cocoa Puffs medical thread)

11-21-16, 03:31 pm
So about a week ago we took in a young teddy sow. Her coarse hair made it really hard to see that she did in fact have lice (found this at the well check last week and she has since been treated with Revolution). Today I noticed a "bald" spot with irritated skin. The vet told me that the Revolution will kill the lice and mites if she has any. To me, the spot looks like it is from mites. Could lice also cause this?

Also, is it possible this is ringworm? It wasn't a bald spot until I found the dry skin and cleaned that area up. There was still fur hanging on by the dead skin :(

If it's ringworm then obviously I need to get antifungal cream but I've never seen ringworm on an animal and all of the pictures on Dr. Google don't seem to apply

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11-21-16, 06:29 pm
I'd treat for a fungus, myself.

11-21-16, 06:41 pm
Well, crap. It looks like fungus to you? Should I be prepared to get ringworm?

Also bpatters can I treat with antifungal if I just dosed her with revolution on Thursday? I can call my vet in the morning but if anyone has actually done that before I would love to know. Thanks :)

11-21-16, 06:57 pm
Yes, as long as it's an antifungal cream, and not an oral preparation.

You may or may not get it. I wouldn't worry. You can treat yourself with the same cream you use on the pig.

11-21-16, 07:02 pm
bpatters you're awesome! Thanks :)

Everyone keep your fingers crossed that my 5 year old (human) doesn't end up with ringworm. That'll be fun.

11-22-16, 04:40 pm
Fingers......and toes crossed :)