View Full Version : Conditions Twitching

Charisma Manzo
11-21-16, 11:11 am
I caught my piggy the other walk and then all of a sudden he jumped up and twitched and he did that three times. Does anybody know what happened or if there's anything that could be wrong?

11-21-16, 11:42 am
He's probably popcorning. Google it.

11-21-16, 11:43 am
It's called popcorning and it's normal. Usually the younger pigs do that although occasionally a couple of my older pigs will get excited and popcorn. It's just a sign that they are happy.

11-21-16, 12:11 pm
Oooh oooh oooh, my Sweet Pea has been doing that lately!!! I have no idea how old she and Cocoa are, I was told they were both under 2 when I got them from the rescue. But lately Sweet Pea will get all excited and run laps around the cage and she starting popcorning. At first I could her jump out of the corner of my eye, and then she did it again and I started laughing. She ran into one of their houses and then I heard a chirp. I thought I was hearing things, and then I heard it again. Cocoa was standing at the entrance looking at her when she did it the second time and then she did it a third time and then ran out and started popcorning again. I put my hand over my mouth, but couldn't stop laughing from happiness, it was such a cool thing to watch and it warmed my heart so much!!!! I've seen videos of the chirping and it was always like a sing-song, so when I heard it the first time, I thought I had heard wrong, but it is what it is and it makes me smile to think about it, but the poor thing must have been startled when I laughed and that's what made her chirp.

11-22-16, 04:55 pm
Nothing warms the heart like a happy, poppcorning, piggy <3