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11-02-16, 12:55 pm

My actual name is Dan, which I understand might be more pleasant to say that my given handle. "BrimstoneVomit" has been my preferred online identity for many things since I began frequenting the internet in 2002. I've never needed to alter it to remain unique. The prevailing consensus seems to be, "Brimstone Vomit: Nobody else has it, nobody else wants it!"

I've been the butler to at least one guinea pig for the last year, two for the last 4 months or so. I used to be a staunch cat person, but nothing has warmed my heart like tipping back in a reclining chair and letting a guinea pig climb and urinate on my torso. I always have extra shirts ready.

Potato is a 1.5 year-old PEW and Xander is a 4+ year-old black and brown. I'm perusing this site during free moments at work, so maybe I'll have pictures to share when I get home.

11-07-16, 05:07 pm
Welcome! And I can definitely relate to being frequently peed on by a piggie. I look forward to seeing those pictures.

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