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11-11-05, 12:44 pm
I found some kind of bars at the BIG Coop/Konsum supermarket on Backaplan here in Gothenburgh. It is bars for the closet shelfing unit they have there. They're QUITE interesting and I have provided a link here. It might be REALLY good sturdy strong grids to use. :-) They're about 53-55 centimeters and have different width. And by securing them with "buntband/cableties in some spots I think these could be VERy useful!


11-12-05, 03:34 pm
The link isn't working.:?:

11-12-05, 03:57 pm
Bummer. :-/ Ummm it's shelfing. Plain white shelfing units. If you go to the actual website, www.elfa.com and look for retailers (återförsäljare) you might be able to find somehting. Although the server seems to be down ATM. But they do have a Finland based site as well!

But at Coop/Konsum here in Gothenburgh I snapped some pictures of the rack and the shelfing units. They're 53 centimeters long and have various width or in the cage making case, height. The slimmest one is 27 cm high, wich is a little too small, but good for a 2nd shalfing or such. The 2nd width is 35 cm and up.

Here's the picture.