View Full Version : Hair Loss Hair loss on male guinea pig, no redness or itchy!

10-31-16, 07:05 pm

My piggie Lambchop has lost some hair on his back end. He is a very curly, coarse haired piggie and his house-mate Bob is a short hair. I don't notice any scratching at all and Lambchop is the only one with a tad of hair loss. It seems to be centered on where the hair curls out (his spirals).
Could this be a little bit of extensive barbering? His skin looks great, so I was thinking maybe they are grooming too much, or maybe I should get them some new toys to cure any boredom as we head into winter?
Any advice would be wonderful! Thanks so much!

11-01-16, 06:28 am
Yes, it could be barbering. If the skin looks fine and there is no excessive scratching, I think you should wait to see if it grows back. Keep an eye on both of them in the meantime.

I have a sow that is a barbering machine. She gave her cage mate a serious bald patch on one side that took about a month to fill back in.
They have plenty of tunnels and hay to nibble on but nothing tastes better than a cage mates' fluffy bottom!