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10-30-16, 02:07 am
Hi! I just joined and am looking for advice. My boyfriend and I have six piggies! (I got a pair from some clueless college boys and long story short one of them was pregnant.)
We have 3 females who get along great and three males who have recently started being fairly aggressive towards each other. I'm certain the aggression is stemming from the two "babies" entering puberty. No idea how old Dad is but I would guess he's younger than two. The boys have had access to/lived with Dad since day one. Males and females were separated when boys were about 3wks old. I haven't seen any blood but their behavior seems to be more than just normal dominance stuff. Most of it's coming from dad.
All of the piggies are in a very large four story cage. Top two stories for the girls and lower two stories for the boys. Dad is currently on his own floor with the ramp blocked so he can't get to the younger boys.
I hate having to separate them like that (although they don't seem to mind), and i'm not sure it's actually helping anything. How do I know if a permanent separation is necessary?
The boys are about 6 months old.
Any advice or recommendations would be great!
(I'll post pictures and names below! We love our sweet piggies even if they do cause some stress from time to time!)

10-30-16, 02:11 am
Having trouble adding pictures from my phone.
Girls names are Lady (mom), Harimad/Hari, and Marley. Boys names are Mustard (dad), Mogwai, and Theodore.

10-30-16, 08:46 am
First of all welcome! We also have six piggies!

What are you considering "more than normal" dominance behaviors? Also how big is the cage in sq ft? Could it be too small for all three of them to live together happily?

10-30-16, 10:06 am
How large is very large?

Cages with different stories aren't ideal for pigs. They need a large flat space to run around, and ramps are just invitations to squabble.

Ditto new2piggs about what you consider "more than normal" dominance behaviors? You should only separate for all-out war.

10-30-16, 11:14 am
Thanks for responding! Each level is 3ft*5ft with the ramp on one side for maximum usefully space. So the boys have 30sqft of floor space. Maybe our thoughts on this have been wrong? They seem to love the second floor but maybe it's increasing their desire to be territorial?
My boyfriend is describing their behavior this way:
Every couple of hours or several times a day, all three males will start fighting and be flying around their cage as a spinning ball of fur. They will bash into walls and doors so hard they almost kick them open. He is seriously concerned they will do major damage just from the force with which they are rocketing around the cage. All three males get very tense whenever dad is in the mix. There is regular dominance behavior when just two are together but the crazy starts when it's all three.
I don't really know how else to describe their behavior. Loud teeth chattering, yawning, mounting, pulling tufts of hair, etc etc. It's when they turn into mini guinea pig tornados that we get worried.

10-30-16, 11:15 am
*that they will do major damage to themselves or each other.

10-30-16, 12:07 pm
Well, that certainly qualifies as all-out war.

I'd keep dad separated if the other two are just having normal dominance squabbles. Maybe you could find him a neutered female to live with, and just take the ramp out so you've got two cages.

10-30-16, 01:40 pm
Can you neuter the dad? After 4 weeks you can introduce him to your females. So he doesn't have to live alone.

10-30-16, 02:34 pm
Yikes, that's a tough situation. It sounds like you've done everything you can to keep them happy. I think either bpatters or lissie have given you great options to make it so the father isn't lonely and there isn't anyone getting hurt. good luck!

10-31-16, 05:14 pm
Welcome and good luck