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Rebecca Howe
10-29-16, 05:32 pm
Hi all. My name is Rebecca, and I've been a cavy mama to Angus & Stuart for almost 4 years now.

I wish I had joined sooner and under happier conditions. It looks as if I may lose my sweet Angus soon. He has been battling with kidneys stones, bladder stone, and some kind of respiratory issue for the last month or so. And he's going downhill fast.

I worry for little Stuart. I don't want him to get lonely. How long should i wait before trying to find him a new friend?

Guinea Pig Papa
10-29-16, 05:44 pm
Hello, Rebecca, and welcome.

I've not been on these forums long, either. About a year and a half. I lost my best friend Poopy a week ago today, but that is another story. Tomorrow, I go to pick up 2 babies to help keep my other senior boar, Sly, company. Too soon for me, emotionally, but Sly's needs come before my own as far as I'm concerned. The information I've gained here has been invaluable.

Has Angus been to a vet? It sounds like he has. Can nothing be done?

Rebecca Howe
10-29-16, 05:49 pm
After I posted this, my husband called me (I'm at work) to let me know he passed. I'm glad he's not in pain anymore.

Guinea Pig Papa
10-29-16, 05:52 pm
Oh, Rebecca, I'm so sorry. All of us here know how much it hurts to lose their little furry friends, not that its any consolation. Rest in Peace, little Angus.

Rebecca Howe
10-29-16, 05:53 pm
Thank you. He'll be missed, and I'll focus on Stuart.