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10-20-16, 04:45 pm
Thank you for having me! I am currently interested in a guinea pig for a pet and wanted to really delve into learning more first~I've learned that a good message board always fits the bill. :) We are a family of eight, so there would be plenty of love and attention to share! If there's anything you want to know, just ask. I appreciate y'all!

10-20-16, 04:51 pm
Welcome! And thanks for doing your research BEFORE getting a pet.

Here's some recommended reading for you:


10-20-16, 05:04 pm
Welcome to the forum! I'm sure your future piggies will be grateful you were so thorough. :)

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10-20-16, 07:17 pm
Hi and welcome! I'm new to guinea pigs but have found that they are a wonderful and fun addition to our family. You won't be disappointed :)

10-21-16, 09:07 am
Researching before you get them shows a lot of foresight and unfortunately is not nearly as common as it should be. Welcome!!!

10-21-16, 10:00 am
Hi there and welcome. I am new to guinea pigs and did the same as you, researched beforehand. They are so much fun to have and the more they learn to trust you, the more fun it becomes. Enjoy!!!