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10-18-16, 10:30 pm
Okay so I have been wanting guinea pigs for a long time and I found one at a flea market in the early spring. She was not well taken care (kept in a 10 gallon fish tank and fed what looked to be hamster food) of and she died after a few days of me trying to nurse her back to health. I was heartbroken but I did report the guy that sold her. I have been trying to save up to buy a pair or a trio of Peruvian girls but I eventually gave up on that since the breeder I wanted was way to far away. Anyways I was in Petsmart tonight to get cat food and I always go and talk to their baby boy piggies. Tonight in the spot they normally keep chinchillas they had 2 ADULT male piggies with no price sign and a hand written sign that said "Adopt Me!" "Ask a sales associate for more information". So I asked and the manager told me that someone brought them in for a return but when they were told that the warranty is up and they couldn't get their money back they just left them sitting next to the fish tanks and drove away. The manager pointed out that I am always talking to their guinea pigs and I should adopt them. She said since I frequent the store she would waive any sort of adoption fee. So I filled out the paper work and took them home. They are two boys of unknown age but they are very attached to each other. The gentlemen with the short hair is more than willing to take some greens from me and is not quite as skittish. The lad with the funny haircut is a bit scared and would rather hide behind his brave brother and observe. They ate the fresh stuff I gave them and now they are being left alone in their cage for a while. I have them in a rabbit exercise pen lined with a fleece blanket with towels underneath for now. The pen is a little more than 2.5 grids long and a little more than 2.5 grids wide. Do you think that is big enough for them? I really don't have enough room for anything larger and this pen offers a door big enough that I can fit myself through it to interact without towering above them plus the bar spacing is small enough that I don't have to worry about kitty paws swiping at them. The best part is there is a removable door that can lead to another playpen or a cage. I have no idea where I found this playpen but it was meant for a rabbit or a ferret. I would rather put the coroplast underneath the pen and I will put a removable lid on it somehow too. Here are my new boys:80825

10-18-16, 10:40 pm
Welcome to the forum and to piggy ownership! Also, I'll never understand why people drop their animals at pet stores instead of taking them to actual shelters. I got my budgie that way too, she was abandoned at a Petco and they were giving her away.

First things first, flip 'em over and compare. If they were sold from a Petsmart in the first place one of your boys might be pregnant. They're very cute, but I don't think you're prepared to deal with pups.
The pen will work as a temporary measure, but it's not big enough for a permanent home. Boars especially tend to fight if they aren't given enough room, even if they get along well now hormones happen with aging and you never know when something could be the last straw. Even if you don't have much room to work with, it's fortunately pretty easy to build C&C cages to fit to the specific dimensions of your living space. You could make an L-shaped one that fits in a corner, one that fits on a table, etc. and it's all much cheaper than a pet store cage.
Good luck with your new boys!

10-18-16, 10:45 pm
Ditto about comparing the important parts and making sure they're the same. We've had a bunch of pregnant males on here.

And jaycriae is right that the cage isn't nearly large enough for two boars. Take a look at the Photo Galleries for some creative ways to get space for cages.

Here's some good reading material for new cavy owners:


10-18-16, 10:50 pm
Oh believe me I checked before we left the store. They are both sporting some rather large boy parts, haha. I have one box of grids that I can use to build a cage but they don't sell them at the walmart, target, kmart, lowes, or home depot around here anymore. I found the ones I have at a flea market.

10-19-16, 11:02 am
dicksoncity500, Bed Bath and Beyond are the cheapest around for grids. They are $19.99 for a box of 17 grids with 20 connectors. Unfortunately, if you order online, they only do free shipping if your order is over $40. You can place an order online and pick them up in the store, if there is one anywhere around you. I had to drive about 40 minutes to get mine. Walmart and Target sell them online, but they are something like $31 and less grids, plus shipping. I just did all the research a few weeks ago and found BB&B to be the best deal.

10-19-16, 11:12 am
Sorry, welcome to the family!!! Where are my manners? Your guys are absolutely adorable. Love the Aby with the crazy hair, they are my favorite breed. Their names will come to you eventually. There is a ton of info here on the forums as well as extremely knowledgeable people. Enjoy!!!

10-19-16, 12:54 pm
I just did all the research a few weeks ago and found BB&B to be the best deal.

Check around......I prefer to order from Sears and have them shipped to the nearest store for pickup. I'm fortunate to have a local store that carries them.

10-27-16, 10:00 pm
Just an update. The boys are doing great. They are much more social with me now.