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Lady Mary
10-17-16, 11:39 am
Hello I'm Mary and I have four Piggies. My daughter has asked me for over a year to get her somes guinea pigs,so on her birthday this year I decided to adopt two guinea pigs for her. Their names are Bella and Cinnamon, Bella is mostley white with a black head but has a white stripe in the face are leading up to the head. Cinnamon is brown with a white dot on side of body and stripe along the face towards the head. These two babies are 13 weeks old.
2 weeks ago I decided to adopt two more guinea pigs their names are Licorice and Chiclet,they are both black and they are about 10 to15 weeks old. The piggies that my daughter has live in a store bought cage that can house two piggies comfortably and so are Chiclet and Licorice in their own cage but in the next few weeks I am building them a C&C cage. The c&c and cage will be 3x5 it should be big enough for all four piggies and we are going to be switching to fleece bedding once the C&C cage is done and set up.
I look forward to chatting with all of you guinea pig owners and learning a lot more about guinea pigs.

Cheers Mary

10-17-16, 11:53 am
Welcome! Be sure to turn everybody over and compare the pertinent parts to make sure they're all the same sex.

Here's some good reading for new piggy owners:


10-17-16, 03:26 pm
Hello and Welcome :). Pigtures are always welcomed