View Full Version : URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Good probiotics for baytril?

10-14-16, 05:07 pm
One of my guinea pigs (Twix) was given batril for her respiratory infection. Her vet gave a few ideas for probiotics, such as things from Tractor Supply Co. and petsmart, and a healthy piggy's poop, but I wanted to check what others say on the matter. What is the best probiotic for baytril? If anyone has an answer it would be much appreciated.

10-14-16, 05:16 pm
There's no specific probiotic for any antibiotic, and dosing with probiotics is not an exact science.

You can find Bene-Bac at pet stores or Amazon (the metered syringes are the easiest to use). Or you can use plain human acidophilus or kyodophilus. Probably the best thing to use is cecal poops from a healthy pig, but those are hard to come by. If you can't the healthy pig to donate, then just use a fresh fecal poop.

10-19-16, 10:11 pm
New update: Twix, has been losing weight recently. She has a respiratory infection and is taking baytril once a day (.2 ml). She used to always weigh around 850, but has been losing weight daily. I have been weighing her daily because of this. She has lost 6 grams in between now and yesterday, and is not gaining weight. Is this common when sick, should I take her to the vet again, should I up certain foods? Any knowledge or experiences are appreciated.

10-19-16, 10:28 pm
Six grams is nothing. That's how much about 1.25 teaspoons of water weighs.

You need to weigh daily at the same time of day, preferably before breakfast. You'll get the least amount of food weight then.

How much does she currently weigh?

The antibiotic alone is enough to kill her appetite, never mind the illness. If she's not eating normally, you need to hand-feed her either Critical Care or a pellet slurry. She also needs a probiotic about an hour and a half after every dose of antibiotic. I find that it helps to give the antibiotic when a pig is getting something to eat -- it seems to make it a little easier on the digestive tract.

You should just feed her normally unless she's not eating. Then, she gets Critical Care or the slurry. You don't need to give extra amounts of any foods, and you certainly don't need to introduce any new ones in the middle of a course of antibiotics.

10-20-16, 08:50 am
I checked the weight chart and she has lost about 50 grams this week. She, as of last night, she weighs 797 grams. Also, how much bene-bac should I be giving her?

10-20-16, 10:23 am
If you're weighing her at night, you have no clue how much is food and how much is pig. The only way to get a decent estimate of a pig's weight is to weigh in the mornings before breakfast. She may have eaten a little hay during the night, but there won't be veggie and pellet weight in there.

Follow the instructions on the Bene-Bac package, and give it about an hour and a half after the antibiotics.

10-20-16, 08:17 pm
I am 5 days into the baytril (out of 10 I think) and Twix is refusing to take her daily dose. I just spent at least 10 minutes trying to get a syringe into her mouth, and did not succeed. I have tried just letting her bite it (didn't happen), wrapping her in a towel, and I give her a piece of lettuce and then her salad after I'm done. How do I convince her to take it?

10-20-16, 09:10 pm
You don't convince her. You just give it to her.

Sit at a table that's comfortable height for you. Put a towel on it, put your arm on the towel and put her in the crook of your arm (use your non-dominant arm). Grab her by the head between your thumb and forefinger, just behind the hinge of her jaw. She'll struggle, but just hold her still. Get someone to help hold her body if you need to. With your other hand, insert the syringe into the side of her mouth about 1/4-1/2 inch, behind her front teeth and in front of her back teeth. Turn it slightly toward her throat. Push down the plunger.

Your job is not to talk her into liking it, it's to make sure the medicine gets in her, or else you won't be treating the illness. She weighs three pounds or less, and you're many times her size. You're equipped to win this battle. You're not killing her, no matter how much she complains. You're saving her life.