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10-14-16, 01:52 am
Hello there, first time poster, but I've been on the forums for a while. I've had guinea pigs for 12 years, unfortunately I did not know much with my first few babies. Thanks to this and other sites, I have upgraded my cage to a Midland one, I do not have the room for a C&C or I'd have one of those. I technically don't have room for the Midland, but I put it on a piece of plywood and set it up on my dresser.

I lost my teddy fuzzbutt CrackerJack in May due to a sudden heart attack. Her cagemate Peanut was put to sleep at the beginning of September, cancer was eating her up. She would cough with every meal, including her beloved cilantro. And she had a CONSTANT stuffy/runny nose, despite being on antibiotics for a month. So there was something going on, and my vet decided it would do no good to put her through all the stress of tests and stuff for something that we probably could do nothing for anyway. Both were over the age of five when they passed on. I had them both cremated and they share a little box by my bed.

When Peanut crossed the Bridge, I tossed their old pet store cage and ordered the Midland from Amazon (Less than 50 bucks, including tax and shipping). About two weeks ago, I went piggy hunting, it was time to get new babies. I did go to a local pet store, as the shelters around did not have any young pigs at the time. It's hit or miss where I am. This pet store is local, so they deal with local, as in they are only in one place and deal with local breeders and suppliers. I got lucky. They had just gotten a new batch of babies in. And I have to say, I was VERY impressed with the breeder of my two new girls. They are used to being handled, they don't try to jump away, they don't really struggle much, and they stretch out and relax when it's lap time.

I introduce to you all, Twinkie and PopTart.


I apologize for the link, but when I try to upload the photo, it appears upside down.