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10-07-16, 12:40 am

I'm Mike and my wife and myself got 2 piggies. Never had them before.

I'm not sure where to explain my problem, so I will do it here.
I apologize if this is not the right place, so moderator please move if necessary.

So the story goes:
We did lots of reading and researching before getting the piggies.
We built them a 2x5 CxC cage, made them hiding spots, ...
Where we live it's actually quite hard to find piggies. There is only 1 place to adopt and they usually have none.
So we went to a local pet store and waited for a couple of weeks so they get piggies in.
We knew we have to get 2 males or 2 females. So we decided for 2 baby female abyssinians.
We got them yesterday evening, brought them home.
They were very scared so they refused to eat or drink, just hiding in their spots.
Next day it was a different story. They started making sounds, eating, running...so we thought it's all good.
But then one of the piggies started mounting the other one and licking and sniffing it's genitals. And it's trying to mount it all the time, and it is making noises when it's close, like maiting calls. Like every 5 minutes.
So basically the aggresive pig is eating, drinking and being "active", while the other one is shy and just running away and wants to have some space.
So I had to separate them for now until I figure out what's happening.

I'm afraid they gave us the wrong info in the pet shop and we ended up with male and female. I'm even afraid the female is pregnant, she is bigger and fatter than the male?!
Also I've read that they could fight for dominance so that's when mounting occurs. But they are supposed to be sisters from the same herd so....I don't know.....

I've taken the pictures of both guinea pig genitals. They don't look the same ;(
Can somebody who knows about this stuff look at this pics and tell me their opinion?
I would really appreciate that...

10-07-16, 01:27 am
The first one, with the mostly orange underside, is a girl. The other one I can't quite tell as it is a little less clear than the first photo.

If you feel just above the genitals, the section where the hairless skin is above the urethral opening, you should be able to feel a firm vertical line under the skin if it is a boy as male guinea pigs have a bone in their penis. If you feel the same section on a girl there will be no firm vertical line.

10-07-16, 07:58 am
Separate them immediately, just in case she's not pregnant. And www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm (http://www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm) should give you a definitive answer. You're just the latest in a VERY VERY VERY long line of people who have been sold missexed, pregnant guinea pigs by ignorant pet shop employees. Keep a close eye on them for illlnesses and parasites also -- they're part and parcel of the pet store experience.

Here's some reading for new guinea pig owners:


Here's a thread on how you can tell if she's pregnant, but she'll be five or six weeks along before you can tell for sure: https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/103012-How-can-I-know-if-my-guinea-pig-is-pregnant-And-how-far-along-is-she

10-11-16, 10:19 pm
So I took them both to the vet so she can tell me the genders. And I was right , one is male and other one female.
Our friend was looking to get piggies as well, so we gave her our female and we kept the male.
She already got 1 more female from the same herd at the pet store, and we are looking to find 1 more male somewhere. Hopefully they will bond.

10-11-16, 11:47 pm
Make sure your friend's female is actually a female.

10-13-16, 01:08 am
She is, we double checked

10-13-16, 01:17 am


Here is couple of videos of us playing with our piggy. Whoever is bored enough to watch it :)
I think he accepted us pretty good. We have him for exactly 1 week now.
He is not scared and not hiding in his hiding spots. Tonight when we watched a movie he closed his eyes and fell asleep on the couch next to us.
Just like a little doggy ;) Other than that, he is very curious and adventorous. When he is out of his cage, he just wants to explore and walk around.