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10-05-16, 03:50 pm
Hello all...

So I recently, today, rehomed my two male guinea pigs for various reasons. But I had been stubborn about who they went to and had found another knowledgeable guinea pig lover who was happy to take them home.
Anyways, when she was home and her boyfriend was setting up the cage one of the boys, Titan, went limp in her arms and appears to have passed on.
He was always very skittish and I admittedly overfed the boys so they had a little bit of a double chin going on.
I asked her to put his body in a big box with a blanket to keep him warm and some veggies in a dark quiet area in the off chance that he is in shock from the move.
She is doing so but she said that his eyes are open, he is limp and it doesn't feel like he is breathing :(

These boys are most likely inbred thanks to the person I had gotten their mom from letting her previous babies stay with her for too long. So I'm wondering if he had a heart condition from that and the fact that I overfed him and him being skittish could have stressed his heart out too much that he had a heart attack and died?
His brother Thor is doing just fine but he is very friendly and doesn't spook too easy.
I hope that it's just shock but I'd like to know if someone else has had this happen before.
I haven't had much luck finding detailed shock symptoms on Google so far :(

10-05-16, 04:01 pm
It could have been shock, or a stroke, or a heart attack, or some condition resulting from the inbreeding, or some combination of the above. A necropsy would be the only way to tell. If you want to do that, have her refrigerate (not freeze) the body and get it to an exotic vet as soon as possible.

I'm sorry he passed away. How old was he?

10-05-16, 04:08 pm
He was only 6 months old :(
So I'm guessing there's no way he could be in shock and just playing dead so well that it's hard to tell if he's breathing?
I know it's a long shot and very unlikely but I can't help but to hope that a miracle happens.