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09-26-02, 05:30 am
I have 3 free-range boars, ages are 2 years, 1 1/2 years, and 11 months. Since I got Tika, the 11-month old, last November, all of my boars have lived happily together. However, the past 2 weeks, Tika has gotten agressive towards the older boars, chasing them out of sleeping areas, and I've even seen some bits of fur fly. When I'm at work, I keep him in a cage and just let him out when I'm around to supervise things. I've tried putting lavender oil on my hands and rubbing the pigs so they all smell the same, doesn't seem to have helped a whole lot. But, at least there doesn't seem to be as much biting as before. Would there be any reason that he would suddenly become agressive (no changes in diet, habitat, etc)? Also, I've heard LOTS of pros and cons re neutering - any thoughts on that? I'd hate to put the little guy through surgery if it wouldn't do any good. Thanks!

04-20-04, 08:02 pm
Nuetering doesnt change their personalit one iota. Unless they are being house with sows than there is absolutly no reason to nueter them.

04-20-04, 08:38 pm
Err..why put lavander oil? Why don't you just bathe them all.

04-21-04, 09:46 am
This may just be an "Alpha Male" situation. Dogs go through it, most male species do. Tika is probably just trying to see how big a piggie he can be. Maybe he is challenging the male pig hierarchy in you house.

Typical male, they will sort it out is my guess. Just too much testosterone for one little piggy habitat!! LOL

Good luck,