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lindsey's boys
11-10-05, 05:00 pm
I'm taking care of my friend Ashley's rabbit for a while. He likes to free-range so I let him run aroud for a while. My mom has taking a strong liking to him. She even said our next pet should be a rabbit.:silly: I thought I'd take some picture for you guys too. Here you go.

11-10-05, 08:16 pm
WOW. He's georgeous!

11-10-05, 09:57 pm
yes very pretty, but I don't know if I would let him have free range on Linoleum as its slippery on a rabbits furred feet, I would worry he would get frisky and possibly injure his back which a rabbit can do all to easily.

11-11-05, 07:50 am
Ooo, I love harlequins!

Solebomber, I haven't had problems with rabbits on slick linoleum. As long as it's not in their cage and their not jumping down from ledges, mine are fine. They learn their limits on the floor very quickly and I know many who keep them on it.

11-11-05, 01:55 pm
Mine though lino was the great! They would run on the carpet to get up some speed, and sliiiiiiiiide across my kitchen floor. It was hilarious to see, seriuosly!