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09-24-16, 07:53 pm
I adopted 2 male guinea pigs . They are 7 months old. What do you think of their living area? Iam using C&C and 99.99% dust free natural bedding. It takes a ton to fill this 2X6 cage up. I want the best for my piggies. They each have their own hidey. Of course they get their fresh lettuce and hay each day and pellets OXBOW. NOT ICEBERG LETTUCE. Just like ive read. Im thinking of using fleece in my cage cause of all the bedding. Soon.

Question : How many inches of bedding should i be using? 1-2 inches right?

In how long should i be cleaning out their bedding? Its a 2X6 cage.

What kind of toys should i get for them?

Is there a recipe i can make of fruits and vegetables for them everyday?

Can i use any kind of fleece? I understand i have to wash it several times for the wicking affect.
What else should i setup in the cage for them? I dont want to disturb their exercise though.
I took them both to the vet for nail trimming. They have nice shiny coats and nurse said they are healthy.


09-24-16, 08:11 pm

Here's some recommended reading for you. There's a food list in there, as well as other links.


If you put fleece over the bedding, you won't have to change the absorbent layer very often. You can decide by how it smells.

09-24-16, 08:55 pm
Welcome to the forums!! It looks like you're doing pretty well for your pigs so far. There are lots of things you can do for your piggies! My Leslie LOVES cardboard boxes, tubes, you name it. It should be okay for them to chew on as long they aren't ingesting it. There are lots of ideas online, like putting food in the tube and folding down the ends to seal it etc. paper bags with food in it also are a big hit with her. :)

09-25-16, 09:21 am
Is there any type of shampoo i can use to give them a bath? They are stinky pigs lol. Any recommendations ? To bath or not to bath?

09-25-16, 09:28 am
You can find Squeaky Clean critter shampoo at most pet stores, Target, Walmart, etc.

Just be sure to rinse them really well.

Are they stinky because you're not keeping the cage clean? Guinea pigs are clean animals, and should only rarely, if ever, need to be bathed. If they've got long hair, then keeping their "skirts" trimmed, especially the area around their butts, will help a lot.

09-25-16, 09:32 am
No i have a schedule for cleaning the cage :). The cage never smells ! They had a slight odor since i adopted them. They are short haired.

09-25-16, 01:07 pm
Hello and Welcome!! You've done a great job on the cage. :)
Types of fleece most commonly used are Anti-Pill, Blizzard, Polar. Some people say they're all the same, I just know these are some of the names they are marketed under. Stay away from the plush fleeces for bedding.

10-02-16, 08:57 pm
Do i need to pick up anything else when i buy the 2x6 fleece liner with the built in U haul pad? Like a another layer of fleece from walmart to put over the fleece liner. The guinea pig but is catching the carefress bedding :(

How often do i need to wash the pad in washer machine?

I do understand i will be picking up the poops 2x a day :)