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09-24-16, 10:15 am

Hello everyone! My name is Adri and today I got 2 Guinea pigs :D! I've waited 6 years to have them. I lurked through this forum, read a lot in reddit and watched so many videos on how to know when they get sick and possible infections.

I got 2 male piggies, their names are Pancho and Juan and together they make "LOS PIGSTOLEROS".


They are very shy and haven't left the corner the whole day but they have been eating hay, cucumbers, paprika, carrots and pellets.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

09-24-16, 11:06 am

And since you're a new GP owner, here's some suggested reading material:


09-24-16, 08:49 pm
Welcome to the forums! Your piggies are adorable! Where did you get them?

09-25-16, 01:40 pm
Hello and Welcome!!.
Your piggies are lovely, well done for researching and waiting patiently to become a piggy parent.

09-26-16, 07:30 am
Thank you!

Well, I got them from a guinea pig breader. They are as far as I know US-Teddy piggies.

I searched in my area for 6 months before buying piggies from a breader but unfortunately, there were no piggies in the shelters, only rabbits. Therefore I decided to buy Pancho and Juan. Pancho is blind from his left eye, Juan as far as I've observed him is healty.

09-26-16, 07:35 am
thank you!!!