View Full Version : Hair Loss Piggie Is Losing Hair On His Hand

09-22-16, 02:45 pm
The other day I noticed that my older guinea pig, Zorro, is missing some hair on his front right hand. I don't think it's balding, as it looks kind of "weird." Any idea what it is?


09-22-16, 02:53 pm
Could be a fungus, but I'd try cold pressed virgin coconut oil before trying an antifungal medication. He's almost certain to lick it, and while antifungals aren't as bad as antibiotics, it's still better for them not to ingest it.

Mickeys Piggies
09-23-16, 11:54 am
It could be a couple things, in my experience his feet look kind of dry and cracked. My boy had Bumblefoot and we caught it before it got bad. Some early signs are dry cracked feet, abrasions or scars, loss of hair etc, here is a guinea lynx page
Then again as bpatters said it could also be fungus. Either way, ask your vet about it and I'm sure they'll be happy to help. ☺

Here is a picture of Nemo's feet before we started treatment

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