View Full Version : C&C 2x4 for 2 and Getting More...WWYD?

09-21-16, 01:15 pm
I got a 2x4 which includes stand, lid, and coroplast. Now I'm rescuing two more pigs and if all goes well they will all 4 be in one cage. What size would you do for 4 baby sows? Keep in mind we have a cat and would prefer one story of cage, but I'm fine with an L shape.

Some things I've considered are:

--getting a used 2x4 on Craigslist and combining these to form an "L" shape cage
--Making it a 2x6
--Making it a 3x?? cage (I'm super tall, so reaching isn't an issue for me)

I can't figure out what would be cost effective b/c at this point I already have the 2x4 coroplast and the lid and C&C stand. I'd hate to have to buy another expensive coroplast piece (I bought it here pre-cut) and the used cage comes with another one...can they be taped together or something?

Honestly I'm not sure what would be best. My mind doesn't seem to work in C&C patterns :)

09-21-16, 03:15 pm
the absolute minimum for 4 pigs is a 2x5 so making the 2x6 would probably be the simplest but a 2x8(the 2 2x4's combined) would be even better if you have the space

09-21-16, 03:50 pm
Any of those options should be ok as long as you've got at least the square footage of a 2x5 ( in grids, not in feet).

09-21-16, 04:53 pm
I have 4 sows ranging from 4 months to 2.5 years in a 2x6 C&C. It works well for them and gives them enough room.

Mine is L-shaped, it's 2x5 grids with an additional 12 section off the side.

I will say, if you can get a used 2x4 and have the space to combine your cage with the new one, that would be amazing and give them tons of room for accessories and zoomies. You should be able to cut the coroplast easily enough and just tape both pieces together to make one big cage.