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Gasai Fabricio
09-21-16, 04:19 am
I had a Black & Decker (http://rd.bizrate.com/rd?t=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2Fdp%2FB005C6CC5S %2Fref%3Dasc_df_B005C6CC5S4507301%3Fsmid%3DA2PVHCC ZU2W0WR%26tag%3Dshopz0d-20%26ascsubtag%3Dshopzilla_mp_1306-20%3BSZ_REDIRECT_ID%26linkCode%3Ddf0%26creative%3D 395105%26creativeASIN%3DB005C6CC5S&mid=184059&cat_id=31000300&atom=10727&prod_id=&oid=4255034292&pos=1&b_id=18&bid_type=4&bamt=dc33d25e4dadea0e&cobrand=1&ppr=d730ac051c7f4c9e&rf=af1&af_assettype_id=12&af_creative_id=2973&af_id=615103&af_placement_id=1&dv=a3eadf96b25183151a1bc27ac2db1242) 14.4v Dustbuster which i used to clean the fleece of my boys and girls every 12 hours or so, and they never got scared of the noise. In fact 2 of my girls used to run around where i was vacuuming :D 2 days ago it broke, and I got a new one, sadly only found one with a cord, which is 200W(still a handheld one), today after using it for the 1st time, i could notice they were a lot more frightened by the sound of this one. Is there any way to maybe muffle it's sound? i can't buy another one right now.

New one is this model:


09-21-16, 07:59 am
They'll get used to it.

09-21-16, 08:01 am
If you wanted to speed up the process of them getting used to it, you could vacuum and then within a second or two or turning it off give them a bunch of veggies and good food. This will help them to associate the vacuum noise with positive experiences. The timing is important though. Make sure to give them the food within a second or two of you turning it off.

09-25-16, 02:20 pm
They truly will become accustomed to the noises around the house. When my guys first came home they jumped at every little sound. Fast forward to today and they could care less about noises. When I vacuum their cage they play and popcorn all around the vacuum nozzle, they think it's great fun.