View Full Version : Cleaning Fleece vacume recomandations.

09-20-16, 06:41 pm
I am just starting to use fleece with Micky and I discovered that we do not have the small vacuum I used to use with Brownie and Tribble so I'll be stopping by a store sometime this week to buy one. Dose anyone have a recommendation for a vacuum?

09-20-16, 06:46 pm
I'd hold off on the vacuum until you figure out if you like fleece.

It's not as easy to vacuum it as you might think. Unless you're using fleece flippers, or have secured tightly across the floor, it'll just get sucked up in the vacuum cleaner.

09-20-16, 08:33 pm
And if you decide you like fleece, the flipper are semi easy to make, you just make pillow cases so to speak in certain sizes. You will want enough sets for at least 3 changes in my opinion. Have enough uhaul pads and coroplast inserts too.

09-21-16, 01:08 am
I use a mini broom and dustpan to sweep off my fleece liners (I wouldn't try it on loose fleece).