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09-19-16, 11:52 am
hi i have been on these forums since 2012 when i first got my guinea pigs. unfortunately one of them has died. i usally do not post much inless its a question i need to ask. i wanted to do everything right this time around getting a pig from a rescue instead of the pet store. to bond with the current male that is left. he is about 4 years old. i called the local rescue group that i found online and she told me she will take my current pig for a week to bond with one of the ones she has. i personally have a real bad feeling about this they are like a famly member to me and to give him up for a week especially after losing the other one is a hard thing to do. is this a normal practice with a adoption group? i understand male guinea pigs are a little harder to bond. but not impossible and its something i feel i can do my self. things that goes through my head is i do not know the person. what happens if he gets sick? i use a very expensive but a really good exotic vet here for them. what about his food? i feed them oxbow science. so on just something that doesn't sit right with me. or am i looking into this to much and this is a common practice with all rescue adoptions? thanks for your answers and sorry if i posted this in the wrong area. johnny

09-19-16, 11:57 am
That's ridiculous.

While it's true that it does take time for pigs to get used to each other, and that a "meet-and-greet" doesn't always tell you whether pigs would be compatible, there's no way I'd let one of my pigs go stay with someone else for them to do the "bonding."

Is there only one rescue group near you? Humane society? Could you find a pig on Craigslist or Kijiji?

09-19-16, 12:05 pm
That seems really strange...I would try to find another option. This is not common practice and I have not seen or heard of a single other place doing this. It sounds super sketchy.

09-19-16, 12:34 pm
Thank s for your reply I am in Sacramento ca and only found that one I am keeping a eye on Sacramento and placer county spca. Also Craigslist. I am glad I am not the only one that found that strange.

09-22-16, 06:49 am
I was able to get a month year old pig from Craigslist. This family's sow had 1 pup that turned out to be a male. They have a male and female in separate cages and there son let them play together lol. Vet checked him out as being healthy :) so I went ahead and introduce him to my older pig. His fur is funky but cute! He reminds me of chewbacca who's nick name is chewy. So I thinking that will be his name chewy. 80606

09-22-16, 12:30 pm
Both piggies are adorable!!!! Chewy looks like an Abyssinian and I love them. I have one of each as well, an Abby and American Shorthair, which is what your other one looks like to me.

09-22-16, 07:19 pm
Very nice.

09-25-16, 02:16 pm
Congrats!!. You're right, Chewy is the perfect name for him lol