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i love piggies
11-09-05, 08:39 pm
Hi there everyone
I am currently remodelling my cages and I have a lone male, he desperatly needs a friend. I have 2 cages each with a pair, i am building a third cage and my little man will be all alone.
if anyone has a little piggie who needs a home please contact me.

Or I may have to go to the pet store. This is unfortunate but I have no where else to go

11-09-05, 09:26 pm
Don't go to a pet store! Have you looked on petfinder.com? I am sure there are rescues in australia!

11-09-05, 11:27 pm
Hi there i love piggies!

Have you looked at the RSPCA website? Here is the link http://www.rspca.org.au/.

Sometimes they have guinea pigs, sometimes not. If you would like I can look up a few rescues in your area just tell me what state and city you are near. That should help.

You can post it or pm. Ill try to look the best I can.

11-10-05, 05:03 pm
Hey could i ask where abouts you were located as either myself or one of us may know of a rescue in your area...

i love piggies
11-10-05, 05:27 pm
[QUOTE=enchantingcavy]Hey could i ask where abouts you were located as either myself or one of us may know of a rescue in your area...
Oh sorry I am near Albury, NSW.
I am so silly, I should of said that earlier.

11-14-05, 08:57 pm
Is Albury anywhere near sydney???

I'm coming down to the Sydney Christmas Show at Castle Hill on the 3rd december so will be in the area id anyone is interested in an adoptable hehe.

Umm other than that possibly your local RSPCA may have some piggies in. I find the ones in QLD always have a couple of piggies available.


i love piggies
11-15-05, 12:14 am
Thanks for the offer jess, but unfortunatly sydney is too far from Albury :weepy:

i love piggies
11-27-05, 09:46 pm
Well as I said before I was remodelling my cages. I originally had 5 guinea pigs 3 males and 2 females.

I got my little man a friend, and I didn't even got to a pet shop. A lady in my area had some gp's that her kids didn't look after so I said I would take them in.

There were four of them. I was prepared to look after all 9 of them, but I knew my niece wanted one for christmas. So after calling her mum and persuading her not to go to a pet store she said she will adopt one off me.
Then I explained how they need friends so they adopted two off me a male(he's getting neutered) and female

So now I only have seven. 3 Females and 4 males. I am so happy because I got some new gp's and they weren't from a store

11-29-05, 12:49 am
Hello i live in melbourne and my next door neighbor is a bit desprete to sell a male guinea pig named fudge because they dont have enough room its a long story anyway but short way of saying this is fudge needs a home email me on [email protected] if you would like to ask more thanks alicia