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09-16-16, 04:19 pm
Hey! :D My name is Meaghan, and this is my precious little nugget, Zuko:
Sorry for the sideways photo, it is right side up on my computer?

Anyways! We rescued this little guy about a week ago. Apparently he had been living under my boyfriend's brother's porch for THREE WEEKS alone after randomly showing up in his yard one day. I guess he had been feeding him carrots, but he refused to bring him indoors because they couldn't afford a cage. They also refused to let me take him from the yard... so later during the night my boyfriend and i went back, lured the little guy out with strawberries, and caught him. Just before a long rain storm too. We immediately went out the next morning to purchase everything he needed. I scoured craigslist and the neighborhood for lost guinea pig posts but nothing came up so we are keeping him permanently.
Currently he is housed in a decently sized bunny cage, but it's small even for him so idk how a bunny would enjoy it at all. Not much running room. We have purchased the supplies to make him a large C&C cage! It'll be almost 3x6 i believe! I am super crafty and have a ton of fleece already from other projects and i'm excited to make him a bunch of fleece pads and pillows and tunnels etc!
We also plan on bringing him to the vet for a check and to get him neutered! After that we'd like to adopt a female companion for him! :D I REALLY want an Abyssinian guinea pig! I love their fur!

Here are a couple videos i took of him!

Anyways! Yep that's our story! Hope to be active around the community here! I'm sure ill have plenty of questions! C:

09-16-16, 06:51 pm
Very cute, hello and welcome!

09-16-16, 07:01 pm
Very cute, hello and welcome!
Thank you!! :D

09-16-16, 07:12 pm

Here's some recommended reading for new guinea pig owners:


09-16-16, 08:51 pm
Oh, he's such a sweetie! I watched some of your video, he's so excited to explore your room and all your stuff. What a lucky little friend. I'm so glad he has someone to look after him properly.

Also, maybe you could put treats in that little toy ball!

Anyway, welcome to the forum and to piggy ownership!

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09-16-16, 11:33 pm
As in Prince Zuko? Cute boy :)

09-17-16, 07:53 am
Absolutely adorable!!! Welcome!

09-17-16, 01:35 pm
Hello and welcome. Neat story

09-17-16, 02:02 pm
Hello and Welcome! Zuko has had an interesting journey so far, lol. He's very cute too lol