View Full Version : Eyes/Non-crusty White Liquid - Eye Problem

09-11-16, 11:57 am
I adopted Quinnie about 2 weeks ago, so, is it normal to have white liquid in his eye? I know usually, the white liquid is used to cleanse his eyes, but how about if only one eye that had white liquid? Is it still considered normal or what? I always look at his right eye, and wet almost all the time. Sometimes, I did put some eye drop to his eye, seems like his eye is getting better, but then, after I stopped, the white liquid appears again.

I was so worried, does his right eye have any problem or do I worry too much? I really appreciate if somebody can help me with these.

Nicks Pigs
09-11-16, 12:26 pm
Could you please post a picture of what his eye looks like right now? That will really help with solving what may be wrong with it.

09-11-16, 12:39 pm
Has he seen a vet? Was the eye drop prescribed by a vet?

09-11-16, 04:36 pm
Do post a picture if you can.

But the white liquid is most likely normal. Without seeing the picture, I'd guess that he's got a blocked tear duct in one eye. You can very VERY VERY gently massage just under the corner of his eye a couple of times a day, and see if that helps.

09-13-16, 02:31 am
I don't have a chance to capture his eye while full with that white liquid, while that time, my phone died. Currently, his eye watery, but, not all the time.