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09-04-16, 09:07 pm
Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself and my two guinea pigs a bit. I have two boars who are Browny and Truffles. Browny is my 3 year old long haired guinea pig. I got him off CL when he was about 1.5 years old. He was in a ridiculously small pet store cage, did not have any hay and had never been fed veggies before. I brought him home, gave him a lot of love and attention (as well as hay, veggies and lots of baths!), and now he is a very happy piggie.
I read online that guinea pigs are very social creatures. So, I managed to convince my mom to adopt a companion for Browny. He came to us in the form of a young, crazy, hyper abbysinian called Truffles.
Now, they both live together in a 25 C&C cage. They get lots of hay, pellets and veggies everyday, as well as backyard time when the weather is nice.
I love them to bits and try to take care of them as best as possible. I'm super excited to have found this forum and learning more about what I can do for my fluffballs!

09-04-16, 09:46 pm
Welcome to the forum. Your piggies sound wonderful and very much loved. I also have a pig named Brownie. My Brownie is a female American Shorthair. She lives with her sister named Baby.

I hope you enjoy this forum as much as I do. I don't think a day goes by that I'm not on here just checking in. There are so many nice and very knowledgable people who are always ready to answer any questions that you may have.