View Full Version : Congested What are these sounds?

09-01-16, 04:04 pm
Girl (that's her name) doesn't always make this sound but when she does, it concerns me. Can you identify it? (It sounds congested or like grunting).

09-01-16, 04:09 pm
I don't worry too much about sounds while they're eating unless it sounds like teeth grinding when they're not supposed to. I am concerned when I hear abnormal breathing sounds when the pig is resting.

09-01-16, 04:19 pm
:( she's making that sound while resting now

09-01-16, 04:20 pm
Is it something to rush to the hospital? Ok. Deep breath . Kinda worried .

09-01-16, 04:24 pm
Sounds like she is grinding her teeth while eating. I wouldn't worry. It seems you have new mama syndrome. I know that sound well as my great niece stay the summer with me off and on and had to sleep in my bed( no sleeping bag on the floor for her), I'd wake up to her grinding her teeth like that. And yes her mother knows because she does it during naps too.

09-01-16, 04:26 pm
No, especially not if you're just now hearing it.

But do watch her very carefully. If she shows any signs of a respiratory infection -- runny eyes/nose, loss of appetite, lethargy, etc -- then get her to the vet.

It could also be a sign of heart problems, but not necessarily. How old is she?

09-01-16, 04:30 pm
Bpatters:4 years+. The previous owner wasn't very clear on it. If there's no other signs - but the grunting sound persists, should I go to a vet then?

Lunar: yeh. I'm sure that's why I'm so worried. I have to tell myself to nor freak out and take my time to first assess the situation before jumping to conclusions

09-01-16, 04:54 pm
Yes, if it continues, then see a vet. It's not an emergency, so you've probably got time to find a really good exotic vet if you don't already have one. But be forewarned that not even all exotic vets know about heart disease in guinea pigs.

It's usually diagnosed in one of two ways. One, by x-ray where the heart is enlarged and/or there is fluid in/around the lungs. Two, by giving the pig heart medicines and seeing if it improves. It usually takes a bit tweaking to get the meds right in that case, and they have to be adjusted periodically depending on how the pig does. See http://www.guinealynx.info/heart.html.

09-02-16, 11:29 am
Ok. Thx bpatters. I'll follow your advice.