View Full Version : Coroplast Bedding problems

08-28-16, 12:50 pm
I do not use fleece any more and have no plans to change back to it anytime soon but for the past few months it seems the girls are getting more bedding on the floor. The base had 5" sides and I just bought coroplast to make a new base. I do not want to waste $40.00 for the two sheets by making 6" sides first so I am planning 7" sides. I normally put 3-4" of bedding in, do you think 7" sides will be fine because I do not want to use less bedding.

08-28-16, 01:54 pm
What is your hesitation with 7" sides? If you like that much bedding, I might even consider making them 8". You can always cut them down later if you so desire.

08-28-16, 02:09 pm
I was always worried about air flow but i guess with that much bedding bringing them up higher, it doesn't matter too much. thanks, I think 8" should do it. As you said, it's easy to cut down, if I find 8"
is too high.