View Full Version : Bloated Guinea pig bloat mystery

08-27-16, 01:39 am
I have a 3 year old boy, turning 4 in november.
He has been having bloat problems. He gets puffed up (fury sticking up and a big belly). The sides of his belly are hollow when I tap the side.
I took him to a vet a month ago, she did an xray and showed me that he had some gas in his right side. She didn't give me anything and she told me that he didnt need a prescriptions and to not even give him simethicone (infant gas relief). I told her he was in pain..but she said he is fine since he was pooping eating and drinking.
He does poop normally and alot. I wake up in the morning and theres about 30 poops in his bed that I clean. He has a huge appetite for hay and his food and veggies. He drinks normally.
Tonight his belly seems hard and he just looks in pain.
I don't know what to do. it seems like he's behaving normally, it's just when he lays in his bed and curls up he looks in pain. Can anyone offer advice as to what I should do?

08-27-16, 06:40 am
If he is still pooping and eating he isn't experiencing bloat, just gas. However gas is still an issue that needs to be addressed as it can lead to bloat.

First things first you need to look at his diet, perhaps there is something he is eating that could be the issue. What do you feed him, what brand of pellet, vegetables, etc. and roughly how much do you give him?

Also along with giving the infant simethicone you can try gently massaging the abdomen to help shift the gas. If you have a vibrating electric toothbrush on hand they are a great thing to use to gently agitate the abdomen, sometimes the guinea pig will seem slightly uncomfortable at first with the massaging/vibrating but they generally start to relax a bit after a minute or two and it does seem to help.

08-27-16, 07:57 am
Ditto Soecara. If he's eating and pooping normally, he is NOT bloated. If he's behaving normally, he's probably not in pain.

Actually, if he's acting normally, I wouldn't worry much. Guinea pigs have big stomachs, and they can get in positions that make it look even bigger.

A guinea pig that's in pain won't normally be lying down. It will usually be on all four paws, back hunched, fur puffed out, and probably either hidden in a hidey or its nose in a corner.