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Roy Patton
08-23-16, 01:29 pm
Hello Forum...

me and my wife just got our first pig last night.... I had a pig way back in the day as a child as well as several hamster and fancy rat, so ive got a pretty good idea what im in for...

this is Angel and my Wife...


we got her in one of the random starter cages for now, but am working on either building a 5ft long x 2ft wide wood cage, or going the C&C route... not sure yet...

08-23-16, 01:47 pm
Hello and Welcome.

08-23-16, 02:02 pm
Hello! Angel is adorable! :o

08-23-16, 02:14 pm

Are you considering getting her a buddy? Guinea pigs are herd animals, and do much better with a friend.

Here's some good reading material for you and your wife:


Roy Patton
08-23-16, 03:17 pm
ya we are planning on getting another female... i really would like to find a skinny pig (hairless)... shes cute, we were watching guinea pig videos on youtube on the big screen tv, and she could hear them talking and what have, and she began to talk as well...

i really forgot how socialable the pigs were..

right now shes in my wifes lap getting spoiled with apples and cucumber treats....

08-23-16, 03:25 pm
Go easy on both of those treats.

Apple has a lot of sugar, and guinea pigs aren't wired to process it. It can cause major digestive upsets.

Likewise, cucumber can cause gas. Start with very small amounts and work up rather than giving much in the beginning.

Roy Patton
08-23-16, 03:30 pm
ya , she also has a small lil bowl that has Baisl, Mint Cilantro, Brussel Sprouts and baby carrots....

edit: also blueberries