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08-21-16, 09:03 am
Hi :)
My family and I have recently adopted 4 piggies. I had no idea how much I would love these little girls! We decided to build a c & c cage and now I'm not sure how to line it. The pre made fleece liners are pretry expensive and I don't have a sewing machine to make one. I want to move the piggies to the new cage today because they are in a small cage still. Any ideas of how to do an inexpensive liner?

08-21-16, 11:27 am
Hello and Welcome :)

If you're not confident with a sewing machine you can just sandwich your absorbent layer ( eg. u-haul, zorb ) between 2 pieces of fleece and place it in the cage like that, making sure the corners are secure. If you have piggies who like to dig, you may have to bring the fleece up and over the edges of the choroplast. Check out you tube vids so you can get a visual on the process. Whatever you decide, remember you have to wick the fleece before you use it, wash and dry a few times until water soaks in and there's no beading on the surface. Good Luck!