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08-18-16, 01:53 pm
So I currently have a 2x3.5 standard cage for my two girls. I was going to look into expanding it into something a bit bigger, to possibly add a third girl. I'm a bit confused as to how to do this. Does anyone have any idea/tricks?

08-18-16, 01:57 pm
By standard cage do you mean a rectangular 2x3.5 grid cage with coroplast?

If so, you just add in more grids (2x3.5 is bare minimum for 2 girls, for 3 I'd go to 2x5) and expand the coroplast.

To expand coro, one way would be to cut it in the middle and piece in additional coro in the right width and length. Tape with tape on the bottom / back side (so piggies can't get to it and chew / eat) and viola.

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08-19-16, 12:40 pm
To make it into a 2x5, you'll need two more grids and either a whole new coroplast base or an additional piece of coro to attach to the one you have.