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08-15-16, 01:20 pm
I have been using this form for long time but I finally decided to make an account I have six pigs 803198032080321Hershey, peanut, Woodstock, Hershey drop Hershey, peanut, Woodstock, Hershey drop all my males The first two and last two are separate Hershey and peanut are cage mates and the baby's are brothers
8032280323 These two are mother and daughter cashew and snoopy snoopy was adopted with peanut and came to me pregnant and she had cashew Woodstock and her cashew Woodstock and Hershey drop now she and cashew is pregnant because my pet sitter ( which i do not use any more ) Open the cage door that connects the two cages which is usually closed since then the would piece that used to be a door is now just a solid wood piece

08-15-16, 01:29 pm
Hello [emoji1309] And what cuties you have!

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08-15-16, 01:33 pm
Hey I was just reading your greeting