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08-14-16, 12:59 am
Hi, i was here before, long time ago it feels :), now im back as time has come. hey ho thats the world we live in.

a little about me, im 40 this year, originally from baja, moved around a lot in the world, spain, netherlands, africa, australia scotland (my favourite except for one incident in the highland village i lived in for a few years, truly the most shocking case of animal cruelty ive ever been around, not to mention the other parts), england, and now back to california (carson specifically). i worked in media for many years and moved around a lot with that as a side effect. at my age though time to come home :). although i doubt anyone is going to believe i am originally from Baja, to much time in scotland has left me with a "wee bit of the banter" as they say.

guineas wise i have currently got 3 females and one male (who was a rescue from the afore mentioned village) who does well considering (sadly the female from the same place died).

as you might be able to tell from my username truth and consequences is a big part of my mantra. i believe in karma.

family wise its just me and my long suffering hubby, i have a daughter who still lives in scotland and married with her own little girl (yep call me granny) and a son who moved over with us but is going to texas state to study computer science (something he got from an old freind of my hubbys in scotland {again lol})

some say im a bit of a hippy but i prefer to identify as pagan, i have veryu strong beliefs and can be very vocal about them if challenged :P but if you dont stand your ground then whats the point.

other animals i have a dog called peppy who is an english cocker spaniel, a cat called bella and just about to buy some horses in louisiana where we have our holiday home.

from the above you can probably guess me and david have some money but that doesnt mean we're snobs, just means we have money. we are not material people.

apart from that im an open book :)

08-15-16, 07:45 pm
Hi, welcome back! We'd love to see pigtures of your herd.