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08-12-16, 09:45 pm
So I have a 3x4 cc cage for my 3 boars and even though I have a kitchen coroplast insert I made in one of the corners with bedding they still seem to kick the bedding all over the fleece so I would like to do a loft for the kitchen but not sure what size loft would be good nor how to do a support system so it doesn't fall.

Which would be better a 2x2 or a 1x4 loft?

Is it possible to do a raised loft like the "piggy patio" sold on here for my size cage?

Would like to try to keep a large bottom space to give them plenty of room to run as two of my piggies are going through puberty (only 5 months old).

I would like to keep it easy to clean out under the loft area so was hoping the 1x4 would work for it. Looked around on here for ideas and got a few but still not sure if it's possible to do with no support in the middle of my cage that takes away running space. If I need more grids on the inside to support it could doing that area as a bunk bed work for boys?

08-13-16, 04:02 am
I've used a 1.5"x1.5" piece of wood that I've cut to length as a loft support. I insert it in the square just under the loft and have it run the length of the loft 2-3 squares back (less in the way for cleaning). This has provided great support and takes up no running room. I've done this for a 1x3.5, 1x4, and 2x3.5 loft.


This picture was before I cut it to length, but you can see what I'm talking about.

08-13-16, 05:21 am
I have sows so I am not speaking from experience, just from what I've read. Boars, especially those going through puberty need SPACE. A 1x anything loft may be an invitation for fighting as the space is too narrow. A 2x something loft allows them space to get around each other.

As far as keeping it easy to clean under .... allow me to open the heavens and cue angels singing. On this parent site (where you see the piggy patio), do a search for "quick-detach connectors". I have a 2x2 loft that I completely remove and sit on the floor daily in order to clean the 2x4 base. No offset wither. One set of the connectors does it for me, one of quick detach on each of the 4 corners on the loft. I am IN LOVE.

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08-13-16, 10:16 am
Thanks heather81 and PiggyGrandma15. I was thinking about the 1x4 but I knew it would be too narrow for them as they are boys so I thought maybe doing a 1.5x4 but would like to have the bottom remain open as much as possible. To keep cleaning as easy and quick.
PiggyGrandma15 I have seen the quick detach connectors which I do like but as my cage is 3x4 not sure how I could use them as I will have five connectors that will connect to the main floor and then the center will all be open since I have the extra grid wide then the standard 2x something. How would I do the part that will be sitting on the inside if that makes sense.

Here is a pic of my cage, I have it right underneath a window in my living room with not much space on either side of the cage to do an over hang type although I'm sure I could over hang it by one grid and have the other grid on the inside so not much of the main floor is covered.


Any ideas on how to support a 2x2 loft if I had the whole thing j side the cage and not over hanging out of the cage?

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08-13-16, 10:28 am
You would have more than 5 connections to the main level. *I* have 7 spots where the connectors touch. A 3x2 loft would give you 8 spots i think. I only use one set of the qdc, the in between have the regular connectors on base and loft with the flat sides touching. If you are worried about stability, just order 2 sets.

I'm not sure that you could support a 2x2 over a 3x4 without putting in at least one support and that would take away from the open run space.

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08-13-16, 10:36 am
If I did a 3x2 loft would it be best to have the ramp by the wall area? And would it still be easy to clean out under it in that back corner? I use a handheld vac to clean up the poos but I'm already having to step to the side of the cage in the corner by window to clean that area as I'm short ( only 5' 2") and since my cable box is right by that side will it still be able to pick up the remote with the loft in front of it? If not then my husband won't allow it [emoji53]

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