View Full Version : Skin Problems U.S 50 cent sized scab like thing on Guinea pigs back, is it fungal or something else

08-10-16, 01:19 pm
I used a wood bedding for my guinea pigs, and for a while they had no problem with it until I saw a scab like thing on one of my piggies nose, I put in newspaper bedding that I got from the store and that worked for them. I ran out of the bedding and put back in the wooden bedding, I just recently noticed a scab on my one guinea pigs back when I went to pick her up.
I think it is because of the wooden bedding so I took it out, ans put in temporary bedding until I get some tonight.
I have read online that it might be a fungal infection, and to use Nizoral to wash them/the spot with, is it safe?

Here are some pictures of my piggy She is about 3 years old
I didn't notice it because most of her hair was covering it, I also didn't notice it because she never really gave me any warning signs that she was in pain. I saw her jump in her pen, but I thought that was because of my other piggy bothering her. She is eating normally and drinking normally, she eats her veggies and stuff like nothing is wrong with her.
What should I do with the hair that is covering her scab? Cut it or leave it?
And does it look like a fungal infection from the wooden bedding? And would Nizoral be a safe good thing to use to help her heal and for it not to get worse?

08-10-16, 01:51 pm
The bedding very likely has nothing to do with it. Fungi are everywhere -- on the pigs, on you, on everything in your house. Sometimes a pig's immune system flags for a little while, and some opportunistic infection/infestation sets up.

I would do two things. First, I'd treat for mites (see the thread in the Medical forum here on how to do that). If she doesn't have them, it won't hurt to treat her, but if she does, that's all that will get rid of it.

About a week after the first mites treatment, I'd bathe her with one of the shampoos listed at http://www.guinealynx.info/fungus.html. The reason for waiting is that water drives mites wild, and they then drive the pig wild. So it's better not to bathe the pig as long as there's any possibility of mites.

08-10-16, 02:03 pm
What is safe to use to get rid of mites? There are no exotic vets near by the closest one is about 1hr30 away. Is there anything I could get that is like at a walmart or something?
Also, what would cause mites? I keep the cage up high, I clean their pen weekly, I clean them monthly. I wash everything before it goes near/in the pen.

08-10-16, 02:09 pm
First, I'd treat for mites (see the thread in the Medical forum here on how to do that).

In case you can't find it in the Medical forum (it's the top post), here it is: https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/111160-How-to-treat-for-mites

08-10-16, 05:01 pm
Okay, I will go to the store and get that. Should I treat both of my piggies for it? And if so how would I do that, do one piggy one day and the other one the next day?
Also from my understanding you put a small drop behind their ears?
And would they be in any danger if I waited to buy it till Friday-Saturday? Because that is the only time I can get into town.
Also. Is it okay to put a small fan near them? Because it is hot here

08-10-16, 07:30 pm
Definitely put a fan so that the air circulates around them, not blowing directly on them. Also freeze water in some plastic soda bottles, wrap in a towel/fleece, and put that in the cage so they can lay against it if they choose.

Yes, you put the dose behind the ears.

Treat both pigs for mites at the same time. There's no point in waiting on the other pig. There's no need to bathe the pig that's not losing hair.

08-24-16, 12:09 pm
The spot looks a bit better now. How do I stop her from itching at it?
Also for both of my guinea pigs, they seem to twitch kinda like they growl/purr at each other and they kinda twitch. Like they're in pain or something? But it only happens when I clean out their cage or I give them a toy. I hope it's nothing bad.
Also, I ran out of bedding and I only have a little left, if I put paper towel down under the bedding I have is it ok? Cause they eat the paper towel.

08-24-16, 12:18 pm
No, don't put paper towels under the bedding. You need to get some more bedding.

She'll stop scratching when the spot stops itching. Did you treat her for mites?

Here's some reading for you to learn about guinea pigs and their behavior, what's normal and what's not: