View Full Version : Conditions Is my guinea pig sick? Soft chewing/whistling sound when breathing?

08-09-16, 05:26 pm
Yesterday I noticed she was making this sound, it sounded like she was chewing something, but I looked and she wasn't chewing anything. You can only hear the sound when you're up close to her and she doesn't make it constantly. I only notice it when she's sitting on me, squeaking quietly she also makes this sound, but as I said it's a new thing that happened. I'm not sure if my other one is making the sound, as she's pregnant, so I haven't been that close to her in a while.

I heard uri are things that happen often, but my pig is still eating and drinking and using the bathroom regularly. She acting pretty normal, except she doesn't really run away from me when I try to pick her up anymore, she stays still for a moment and then runs, when before she'd just take off. I do have air conditioning, and I heard somewhere that that can cause uri, but is this something I should be worried about?

Again it's a little sound that sounds like she's chewing, but I don't think she is, and it's not constant, when she starts squeaking louder I can't hear it, only when she's squeaking quietly, and I can only hear it when I'm close up to her.

08-09-16, 05:34 pm
Air conditioning does NOT cause a URI. URI's are infections, caused by bacteria or fungi. I live in south Texas, and our air conditioners run 11 months of the year. If A/C caused URIs, I'd have had dead pigs long before now.

Can you hear it if you pick her up and put her close to your ear? If so, does the sound seem to be coming from her nose, or her chest?

Regardless, the noise, combined with the fact that she's a step slow in running from you, would make me very suspicious that she's developing a URI. I'd keep a very close eye on her, particularly on her activity level and how much she's eating. Start weighing her daily, preferably before feeding her in the mornings, and record her weight. If you see any additional symptom -- runny eyes/nose, louder breathing, change in eating/pooping/drinking/peeing, sitting "puffed up" or with her head in a corner, etc -- then get her to an exotic vet.

08-09-16, 05:53 pm
It sounds like it's coming from her nose, I was just holding her, and she wasn't making the noise, but she was this morning, and yesterday. Im not sure if this is normal, but when she does like a deep breath there's also a little whistling sound coming from her nose, and it was like that, except kind of constant.

What do you mean though by 'head in a corner'? we have houses in their cage, so she usually stays in there. The houses aren't pushed up to the corner though, so would she come out of the house and go into the corner, or would she just turn and face the wall instead of facing forward?

08-09-16, 06:05 pm
Guinea pigs that are sick will often stick their noses in the corner of something, whether the cage, or one of the hideys. If you think she might be sick, take the hideys out and clip fleece or some sort of non-raveling cloth across the corners of the cage. If she just goes in and lies down, keep watching her. But if she goes in and sticks her nose to the wall, still on her feet, then you might start to worry a little.