View Full Version : Lump Lump On Right Side?!

08-04-16, 05:13 pm
My male guinea pig Gussiess has a golf ball sized lump on his backside, near his leg. It is not squishy at all, but it is moveable. He does not seem to be in pain when I touch the bump, nor is there discoloration on the skin. There is no loss of hair near or on the lump, and I am really worried. I do not know if I should take him to the vet or wait and see if the lump will get smaller. There is no scab, or any sign of a wound of any kind. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have read through the forms looking for something similar to what he has, and have come up with nothing. I do not know how old his is, if age has anything to do with it, I rescued him about a year or two back and have not had a single problem with him health wise.

08-04-16, 05:19 pm
I'd take him to the vet to have it aspirated and diagnosed.

08-04-16, 05:23 pm
Okay. Unfortunately my exotic vet is closed now, hopefully I can get him in when they open up. Do you think that it is serious enough to take him into the emergency clinic or should he be alright for the night?

08-04-16, 05:43 pm
I think it can wait. Emergency vets don't always know anything about GPs, and I'd only take one there if I thought it were dying and I couldn't get help anywhere else.

08-04-16, 05:49 pm
Okay. Thank you so much. Your help is greatly appreciated! I was extremely worried that it might be something huge like cancer or a tumor or something.

08-04-16, 06:14 pm
Well, not to burst your bubble, but it still could be. They need to pull some cells out and examine them to see what it is. But it's not an emergency at this point, so getting him in tomorrow would be good. I wouldn't want to wait until next week, though, if I didn't have to.

Even if it is malignant, if it's well-encapsulated, they may be able to remove it with no problems.