View Full Version : Eyes/Non-crusty Swollen eye overnight???

08-04-16, 02:31 pm
Hello there- Please only serious answers, I'm concerned about him.

My 9 month old guinea pig, Machu, had his eye become swollen yesterday for unknown reasons. It just puffed up, and there is discharge around the area. His behaviour has not been affected at all, and he is still a very happy piggie, but I'm concerned.

I'd really like a second opinion- Attached is a photo of his eye.

Please help- He's such a good boy, it's tearing me up to think of him hurting.


08-04-16, 02:36 pm
Could be from a hay poke anyways I would go to the vet ASAP

08-04-16, 03:01 pm
Take him to the vet. Eye injuries/infections are incredibly painful, and he is no doubt suffering.

If treated early, the eye may be saved. If not, you may be looking at an expensive eye surgery where the eyeball is removed.

08-05-16, 02:04 pm

Update: Took him to the vet today, and he scratched his eye on something- There's a pinpoint ulcer there, not very large at all, but he's on antibiotics and he should be fine!

Thank you, everyone! Both Machu and I appreciate it.

08-07-16, 03:17 pm
Great to hear little Machu is healing well, he's sooo cute <3